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Frequently Asked Questions

Real Lover Experience London Bridge Escort

Things I've been asked as an Independent Mature London Escort

So, er, what do you do?  

Well, without going into details, let me say...I know that you're not visiting me to see my etchings!? And...I DO have etchings : ) Want to see my etchings though? It would be easier to say what I'm NOT interested in...so...no 'bumlove' on me (you can have that if you like, I have many interesting toys), and I'm really not keen on the taste of 'Gentleman's Relish'. It's not food, is it? Just let me know when you're going to...I don't mind it as 'decor' but don't get it in my eye! I'm not prudish and I'm quite happy to indulge you in anything that's SAFE for both of us, and your little quirks, fantasies, and fetishes are fine. I'm much more of a raunchy girlfriend type experience than an adult film actor, though I'm not adverse to being rather naughty, smutty and potty mouthed indeed... : )

And yes, I do kiss properly, no pecking/avoiding. I LOVE slow...sexy...deep kissing, that's the ignition key isn't it? Proper kissing, mmm.

If you want a suggestion of what I'm comfortable with, see my AW profile 😘 ‘RealLoverExperience’

May I have a same day meeting?  

You may. BUT, if it's our first meeting, I expect a real life chat first. Please call 0 7 9 0 4 - 1 7 2 0 0 1 with 2-3 hours notice at least. If you pass my interrogation vetting we may indeed be meeting in my boudoir soon enough! When I'm available for Same Day Meetings I will put an 'Available Today' photo banner with my number on the front page, so a quick check will let you know. 

If we have met previously, a call/text/tweet @Dollymopp) is fine, please give 1.5hr minimum notice so I may bathe and be all lovely and fresh upon your arrival. 

Knuckle draggers sending one liners along the lines of 'Hi' 'Details?' 'U avail?' 'U working hun' or 'U is like well fit, innit' will be ignored, innit?

Do you look after your health?  

Absolutely. I have a Gold Card for Dean St Express (same day service/results/print out of the details). I go to their clinic (SWISH) 36 and 56 Dean St in Soho, and also either Rood Lane Medical or Same Day Doctor, both of which are 10mins away, in the City of London. It's free and confidential at Dean St Express for you, so no excuse for you not to get tested too. The reason that I go private too, is that sometimes I just don't have time to get to Soho, or wait in the free clinic Q, so I'm willing to pay the substantial private fees. I'm looking after you too, see? Just discovered another new clinic near me! burrellstreet.co.uk

I'm a fan of healthy living outside of meetings too, I don't smoke, don't use drugs, and am a light alcohol drinker. Not against anyone who does, live and let live I say, I'm just not interested...my party days are well over. In my late teens/twenties I expect my blood would have glowed in the dark! Ok, ok, I'm a sensible health nerd now. I mainly food shop at Wholefoods and Planet Organic, hipster me 🧐

I'm inexperienced with women, actually, I'm a virgin..would you agree to meet me? - Yes...but let's chat properly first. I want to make sure that seeing a professional is a good idea for you. I'm not a cold hearted money grabber, I want to assess wether I'm the best option for you...or if actually a more therapeutic avenue is the better option. I feel extremely honoured to have been chosen many times by shy nervous guys (21-56yrs so far) for their first ever meeting, and things have gone well, as we had a good conversation first...lots of laughs, then we weren't exactly strangers when we met! We didn't always have a *full on* meeting the first time either, sometimes it takes a few visits to relax and feel 'ready' to go further. We probably know more about one another than our parents and friends do! Our special secret, hehe. 

I'm disabled, do you have experience of disablities and can you visit me, or can I visit you? 

Yes, I'm very well experienced in many disabilities and conditions, nothing is a problem...I've seen everything, so you're not going to surprise me! My flat is all ground floor and has a 4 inch front doorstep. One snag...if you use a wheelchair, and it's quite large, we might have to go to a hotel. But there are nearby ones, have a search for 'day use hotels in London', they're not expensive. Of course, I can visit you anywhere in UK, at home etc. I'd always be fine to meet your PA or a trusted friend beforehand, for your peace of mind. Whatever the situation, we'll be having a good chat before meeting, so we'll work it out. 

Do you smoke? I hate going to meet women who pretend that they don't smoke, but it's quite obvious that they do, I can smell it. 

I REALLY am a non smoker, but an ex smoker. It's been almost 6 years since I got rid of that. I stopped in May 2012. Stubbed one out, threw away all the stuff, and have never touched it since. I am free, I’m cured ☺️

Why are you working here? 

Most people work for money, not altruism. I really did purposely choose my work, amongst other things. It's my site, and I'm clearly adept at stream - of - consciousness writing / creative marketing / photography / advertising, right? Why would I purposely draw attention to that talent if I wanted to fool you into a false sense of security? So, you see, I've already chosen you, I'm just waiting on you, finding me. If you found me, and are reading this far, we're ON... : ) I wanted to be self employed doing things I like. It's completely fascinating to me, as are my other more socially acceptable mainstream activities.

After my first client in the summer of 1990, I KNEW. I just knew. I knew it was a special thing, and I knew, it was for ME. It felt just right, I thought I was Moll Flanders, Boudicca, and Xena Warrior Princess all merged into one, and I sashayed down the high street to meet my best friend (to let her know I was still alive) and told her 'This is IT. This is what I want to do'. In the time that I have been a sw I've gained lots of useful experiences...I paid for university, though it's also an education in itself that money just can't buy. I have other jobs too, and sexwork enabled them. I would never have been able to afford my photography equipment! I like variety. I can't believe people give me money for doing stuff I like. Being a sexworker is probably my favourite though, and it's not just the sex part, it's the insight into human nature too. 

I feel honoured they chose me. I will never retire. It will just change and evolve into something else as I get older. I'm an avid reader of sw rights activism. It's really important for future sexworkers. The 'sexworker on the internet' is really young, yet, and you really should read what's going on, it's making history, and it will be read about in many years to come.

Do you tour? Please please visit my city! 

Well, I don't think I have mainstream mass appeal, I'm a bit niche! That said...I do go travelling for my own purposes, and so, I can kill two birds with one stone, sometimes. I'll certainly put details on various sites, but HERE is where you want to check out first. I LOVE anywhere with history. One of my other prof jobs is fine art photography, and if your city has something interesting...then I might be there sometime. Try me...or hey, train/fly me to you. I'm ok with economy, but please get me an aisle seat. I'll bring my own teabags. 

How old are you really? 

I'm 51, April 1966. All over the internet, there are many 25yr old to 49yr old escorts that are older than me. 

My photos aren't made thinner/younger etc, what's the point? I'm alright, and you're not stupid. Well, I'm hoping you're not. I wouldn't want you as a client if you were! Everyone in the real world thinks I'm late 30s, and they're shocked when I tell them the truth. No, not men who are trying to flatter me to get somewhere, but women too. Youth is wasted on the young, anyhow. Don't lie in the sun, that's the secret. I should look about 5000, given the life experience...but I somehow look lots younger, which is great. You can see recent full face selfie phone snaps in my private gallery on Adultwork. 

Have you ever been in love? 

Yes. WOW. I am...just like other people.

Do you have children?

No. I saw the business end on TV in 1980...and THAT was THAT. No regrets.

I have a cat called JabberJaws. Half Jabberwock, half shark. BEWARE. No, my place doesn't smell of cats...I'm rather houseproud.

I'm terribly allergic to cats! Can we still meet?

Yes, we can still meet! I have several 'day use hotels' very close by, and if you let me know, I can book one, usually between 9-5. There is no extra fee charge to you, all I ask is that the booking length is at least 1.5hr. These hotels are not 'seedy motel by the hour', and I'm not a regular visitor. Discretion is important, and even on outcalls, I change my appearance if I happen to have an outcall to somewhere I've been to recently. 

How did you meet the disabled guys?

Years ago I found a site called TLC-Trust, and I thought it was a great idea, but it looked a bit empty! I think I was the first or second sex worker on it, but I put the link on a few message boards to spread the word. It's had a revamp and you can find a link on my homepage. 

Why do you have 3 twitter accounts?

My main account is @Dollymopp, nice and simple. My previous website and blog domain 'The Dollymopp Files' was 10yrs old, and I know people still search for it, so I thought if I used Twitter for its SEO purposes, people would find that twitter account, and then me, instead. Same reason for Real Lover Experience, I had a website called that years ago (I own the domain still) and again, people still search for it. They find imposters using my name but as they have already met the original (me!) they know the difference when they see that my new Dollymopp site is attached.