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I advise you to change to encrypted (end to end) protonmail.ch right now. In the wake of FOSTA/SESTA bill in USA, I am changing many working methods starting with not using USA based mail companies, and so should you.

You should also make yourself familiar with Switter (.) at.  Switter is a new safe legal platform where you will be able to find other professionals. I’m (@)Dollymopp on Switter.

I do check my email frequently, and especially on days where I'm available same day, therefore...you should have a swift response. Yay! Cue...Marvin Gaye...Let's Get It On... : ) 

If you're NEW to me, a short polite email to say 'hello' with your name, time/date, and a few details about you and your likes are fine, but explicit questions will be ignored. Genuine visitors NEVER approach like that, ever. I have a highly sensitive sixth sense, and I guarantee, you'll be wasting ten minutes of your own life. 

Once we have been acquainted, you may call/text/tweet me (@Dollymopp) for further visits and Short Notice or Same Day Incalls, but please give me at least 1.5hr notice, and I'll try my best to be available. 

Super organised meetings arranged in advance...oh, how I love you gents, you rock. The more eloquent and gentlemanly you are, the more you will reap what you sow. Now, isn't that an incentive...? Damn right. I'm far more interested in your brain...a good brain definitely gets my erogenous zones going. I'm interested in your other bits too, yes...haha.